The electronic/digital thermometer

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Le thermomètre électronique/digital

In many trades, measuring the temperature using a professional thermometer is an absolute necessity. Indeed, temperature sensors offer strategic perspectives in many areas. This may involve respecting hygiene standards, saving lives or improving local production. As a professional and expert in your sector of activity, you must carry out fast, reliable and highly accurate temperature measurements. To do this, nos experts can only recommend that you choose a electronic/digital thermometer among a multitude of models whose functionalities vary according to your needs.

The digital thermometer in medicine 🩺

For a long time, doctors had mercury measuring devices (quite quickly replaced by gallium thermometers). At a time when technology will soon allow cars to drive themselves, medical practices, hospitals and other infirmaries are equipping themselves with different electronic thermometers to take the temperature. Pediatricians and nursery school nurses, for example, are very fond of digital forehead thermometers. These latter, just like the ear thermometers, have the particularity of being non-invasive because they have infrared technology. Precise and fast, they display the child's (or even baby's) temperature in just a few seconds on a backlit LCD screen. In addition, nurses and doctors only have to change a sterile tip between two temperature measurements. This saves them a lot of time when taking a child’s body temperature.

From medical thermometers, you will also find high precision digital thermometers allowing pharmaceutical laboratories to control the temperature of vaccines and drugs. Indeed, the law regulates the packaging of certain medications and vaccines to ensure that they are effective. THE vaccine thermometer allows you to measure the storage and/or transport temperature. Some products even go well beyond! You can monitor the evolution of temperatures in refrigerators or transport crates with data loggers.

The medical digital thermometer is, you guessed it, an essential tool, whether you work in a hospital environment, in a medical office, in a laboratory or in the infirmary of any public or private establishment.

The digital thermometer in food 🍰

As an expert in taking temperatures, we keep saying that the culinary art is a matter of precision in dosages of course. But also in the temperature; cook, melt, stew, etc. THE electronic food thermometers are here to support you in all your recipes, whether you are a great chef or cook for passion!

Today, you will find in French kitchens a multitude of probe measuring instruments, whether wired or wireless; THE meat thermometers (chicken, turkey, beef, pork) to know if they are cooked through, fish thermometers for perfect cooking, the yogurt thermometers to succeed in their homemade production for sure or, the sugar, confectionery and pastries thermometers, essential for Sunday gourmands!

On the one hand, tAll these measuring devices guarantee you recipes made to perfection. On the other hand, they respect also the hygiene standards imposed on catering establishments.

The electronic thermometer in industry 🏭

As you know, the world of industry is a world of order and rigor. It is important to ensure the well-being of all employees (from the production line to sales). As well as product hygiene and safety standards. There are different measuring devices you can refer to to meet these standards.

THE digital infrared thermometers can guarantee strict and precise control of interior and exterior temperatures of factories in relation to the imposed conditions.

THE legionella thermometer kit they are essential to limit health risks to prevent Legionnaires' disease (Legionellosis is a disease of bacterial origin which causes an acute respiratory infection. The cause? A bacteria, Legionella, which develops very quickly in stagnant water and/or or between 35 and 40° celsius).

All devices designed for industry are equipped with very reliable sensors. They have features that will make the work of engineers easier. They give a quick response time, data recording, audible alarm if the temperature is no longer correct. Your teams will no longer be able to do without these work companions who are digital thermometers

Other types of professional measuring devices

Depending on the needs and the element to be measured, there are a multitude of suitable measuring devices. If you want to go further and discover all the measuring devices, do not hesitate to continue your research on the different types of thermometers.

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