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Looking for a practical and precise electronic thermometer ? Discover our models equipped with an external probe. Efficient for measuring temperature, our thermometers with external probe will bring you complete satisfaction, because they are both fast, easy to use and equipped with many ingenious features.

4 products

Our pocket thermometers with external probe

We offer several types of electronic thermometers with external probe in our catalog:

  • Of the measuring devices body temperature;
  • Of the food thermometers to cook food thoroughly and more generally control the cooking temperature.

The medical thermometer with external probe is very reliable for checking the presence or absence of fever. As to cooking thermometer, it can be used by individuals as well as by catering professionals, because it is truly a measuring tool efficient. 

A reliable tool that measures temperature in seconds

Us pocket thermometers have the advantage of being easily transportable, because they are very compact. Their probe is a very efficient temperature sensor which will allow you to obtain data in a few seconds with a minimum margin of error. Some measuring devices also include an audible signal or a timer. Finally, their LCD screen makes it easy to read the temperature.

Need help choosing your thermometer with external probe?

You work in the catering sector and are looking for a thermometer with external probe to successfully cook your food? Do you want to know more about the functionalities of our measuring instruments with external probe to make the right choice? 

In our catalog, we only have thermometers with external probes that you will be satisfied with when using them. But it can be difficult to make your choice when you are hesitating between 2 high precision models. How do you know which one will best suit your needs? Our thermometer specialists are at your disposal if you have any questions about our products.

Need help finding
your thermometer?

Are you hesitating between several thermometers to monitor temperature?
You will have no difficulty finding high-quality measuring equipment in our catalog. If you cannot make a choice, you can of course contact our specialists: we are here to help you equip yourself with a thermometer that will not disappoint you.