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Connected data loggers provide remote temperature data logging system easy to configure and ready to use.

The ThermaData WiFi Logger connected system consists of a number of connected data loggers, connecting to a PC via software that allows the user to upload data or upload program information to each logger.

Each WiFi logger is a self-contained battery-powered unit that can receive, record, store and transmit data to the PC. The software and the application are free and without subscription. 

7 products

How to configure recording thermometers?

In configuring your thermometer correctly according to your needs specific, you guarantee the precision and relevance of the data collected. For example, adjust the interval recording allows you to determine the frequency of measurements. 

By configuring the intervals recording or other functions, you can extend the lifespan of the battery, avoiding unnecessary measures. By setting alerts for minimum or maximum temperatures, you are immediately informed if a value falls outside the defined range, which is crucial in industries like food or the health to ensure safety. 

The settings allow you to adjust the recorder according to your needs specific or those in your industry, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency.

In short, the setting Recording thermometers help ensure the device performs to your specifications and needs, ensuring data collection precise, relevant and useful.

Guide to WIFI Connected Data Loggers

Connected data loggers are electronic devices that record temperature over a period of time for later analysis. The user chooses the required information and the data logger records it.

Data loggers incorporate a sensor that measures temperature, and the microprocessor chip then stores the data. The stored data is transferred remotely to a computer, via the Internet for further analysis at a time convenient to the user.


All of our recorders have been designed for ease of use and reliability. WiFi loggers have many uses, for example to ensure compliance with legislation, to help reduce costs, to ensure the quality of a product, process or for research purposes in the following industries:

  • agri-food
  • environment
  • agriculture
  • logistics
  • laboratories
  • museums and archives
  • refrigeration
  • medical

The EU Food Industry Directive suggests that organizations involved in the preparation, storage or transport of food should have the ability to check that the temperature of food has been maintained at the correct levels.

Data loggers provide organizations with a method to comply with food industry legislation by providing traceability from the time food is received to the time it is delivered to the customer.

For shippers, data loggers can verify that conditions in transport vehicles have been maintained within specified levels.

For fresh produce producers, data loggers provide accurate recording of temperatures throughout a product's life cycle, from farm to fork, i.e. during growth, preparation and transport of products, thus guaranteeing the best quality.

ThermaData WiFi loggers use the latest WiFi connected technology. WiFi loggers are a temperature monitoring system that remotely records the temperature of devices and buildings.

Each logger transmits recorded data to an internet-connected WiFi router that can be accessed and viewed remotely from a PC, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world.

Each recorder is supplied with its certificate to guarantee the user the correct temperature measurement.


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