Thermometer for HACCP controls

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Discover our selection of thermometers HACCP. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of the professionals. Whether for restoration, from production food and industry agri-food.

21 products

Why use our HACCP thermometers? 

The use of thermometers HACCP is essential to ensure the security food and maintain quality some products. HACCP thermometers are designed to meet the requirements standards in force in the industry eating. They are indispensable to accurately measure the temperature of foods, liquids and work surfaces. Analysis temperature is a key step in preventing contamination bacterial And microbiological. In fact, they can lead to diseases of food origin.

In addition, using our thermometers HACCP, you can be sure to have tools reliable And accurate to measure the temperature food and work surfaces. This way you prevent the risks of contamination and guarantee food security. Additionally, our HACCP thermometer collection offers a variety of models to meet your specific needs, such as thermometers infrared, thermometers sting and thermometers sin folding. With our HACCP thermometers, you can be sure to measure temperature accurately and reliably. All in compliance with current standards in the food industry.

Our selection of thermometers for the HACCP standard

At, we have selected for you a range of thermometers that comply with standards HACCP to ensure food safety and quality of food products. Our thermometers also have features advances such as alarms temperature, recorders data and functions calibration to ensure monitoring precise And constant temperatures.

Need help finding your HACCP thermometer? 

Are you interested in purchasing a HACCP thermometer ? Are you hesitating between several measuring devices? If you wish to acquire a thermometer to take the temperature of the water which has a high precision probe, you will be fully satisfied with our products, because they are really very efficient. You will just have to find the one that best suits your activity and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice!

Need help finding
your thermometer?

Are you hesitating between several thermometers to monitor temperature?
You will have no difficulty finding high-quality measuring equipment in our catalog. If you cannot make a choice, you can of course contact our specialists: we are here to help you equip yourself with a thermometer that will not disappoint you.