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At, innovation is anchored in our DNA. We focus on supporting our customers by offering smart solutions, which involves the integration of intelligent technologies into our products. Many of the thermometers we offer now feature Bluetooth wireless technology.

Simply connect them to your host device (iOS or Android), press the measurement button and point the thermometer at the target to display the surface temperature. The data can then be transmitted securely via a secure connection over a distance of up to 50 meters.


6 products

How do we integrate Bluetooth technology into our thermometers?

We have integrated Bluetooth technology into many of our thermometers. This allows users to easily connect their thermometer to their device host (iOS or Android) via a wireless connection. With this technology, temperature data can be transmitted in a manner practical and secure, thus providing an improved user experience and better connectivity.

How do Bluetooth thermometers work?

Bluetooth thermometers are easy to use. You just need to connect to your host device (iOS or Android), press the measurement button and point the thermometer at the target whose surface temperature you want to measure. Results are displayed instantly on your device, providing quick and convenient contactless measurement directly with the measured object.

What are the benefits of software development kits (SDKs)?

Ces kits enable integrators to develop custom applications to communicate with our connected thermometers. This provides increased flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to fully exploit the functionality of our thermometers and easily integrate them into their existing systems. SDKs offer extensive possibilities to meet the specific needs of each user and optimize the use of connected thermometers from

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