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  • Catering thermometers

    All thermometers for cooking and knowing the temperature of your food when cooking or in the fridge (digital or dial)
  • Thermometers for food preparations

    Robust thermometers specially designed to monitor the temperature during cooking (oven, barbecue, etc.)
  • Remote temperature monitoring

    Data logger and wireless thermometers (wifi or bluetooth)
  • Humidimetres

    Devices that measure humidity by contact in matter
  • Infrared thermometers

    Thermometers with infrared sensor to measure temperature remotely
  • Industrial Thermometers

    Accurate needle or digital thermometers for applications such as air conditioning, ventilation, ducts, etc.
  • Hygrometers

    Devices that measure humidity in ambient air
  • Calibration equipment

    Very high precision thermometers with accredited certificates to serve as reference and probe calibrators
  • Temperature probes

    All probes that connect to devices in detail (type K, type T, NTC, PT100)
  • UKAS calibration and service

    Price and concept of thermometer calibration and repairs
  • Instrumentation pH

    Devices that measure pH in water and other reference solutions
  • Pressure gauge & Anemometer

    Manometer which measures water pressure in pipes and Anemometer which measures wind speed or other gases
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5dec. 2023 I

David.K FR Velcro tube temperature probe

Velcro temperature probe

The probe reading corresponds to the nearest degree to my needle "finger" probe. Thank you to the team who was able to guide me on my purchase.

1déc. 2023 I

Johann.U FR Thermapen® One

Excellent in every way

The Thermapen® One is precise, fast and comfortable to hold. Perfect for raising the temperature of several meats on the grill.

Nov 30 2023 I

David.K EN Two-channel differential thermometer

Two-channel differential thermometer

works well, online advisors are efficient.

20nov. 2023 I

Kuzbetsova.a FR Thermapen One


18nov. 2023 I

Michel.V EN ChefAlarm thermometer and timer

The high end

I've had several thermometers and cooking probes, but the ChefAlarm is truly perfect. Easy to use, ergonomic and the mini probe for sous vide cooking is also very good. In short, I highly recommend.

15nov. 2023 I

Mercurio BE Tube thermometers

The temperature does not correspond to reality

The temperature read does not correspond to reality, the water from the boiler comes out higher (internal thermostat) than the Tube thermometers.

12nov. 2023 I

Quaglio.M IT Sonde de température sous vide

Vacuum temperature probe

31Oct. 2023 I

MC.G FR Thermomètre industriel Therma 1


I recommend this site, excellent responsiveness of the sellers who call and keep you informed of the order. Order that arrives quickly and very good quality material. Well done and thank you.