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The food processing industry is subject to rigorous hygiene regulations, especially those of the HACCP system. These standards mainly aim to ensure that the storage and preparation of food products comply with specific temperature beaches. We offer a range of essential devices such as food and meat thermometers, refrigeration thermometers and wireless data recorders.

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What thermometers to choose for food preparation?

In addition to their precision, probe thermometers play a crucial role in food security. They allow you to make sure that your culinary preparations have reached a temperature secure, thus reducing the risks of food poisoning. Finally, their ease of use, with clear digital screens, in fact an invaluable tool in any kitchen. By choosing a probe thermometer from our collection, you equip yourself with a precious ally for controlled and delicious food preparation.

What are the hygiene regulations to which food processing companies are subject?

Food processing companies are subject to strict regulations of the HACCP (Hazard analysis Critical Control Point) system. This system aims to identify the potential dangers linked to the handling of food at each stage of the process. Special attention is paid to the storage and preparation of food products In defined temperature beaches, as this can considerably affect their safety and quality.

How does contribute to the food industry? provides the food industry essential measures, such as specific thermometers for food and meat, as well as refrigeration thermometers. These instruments are Designed to ensure that food is preserved and prepared in optimal temperature conditions, in accordance with hygiene regulations. In addition, wireless data recorders allow food processors to monitor critical temperatures in real time, thus ensuring the safety of their operations.

How do solutions contribute to the safety of food operations?

The proposed solutions allow a Constant and precise monitoring of essential temperatures for food security. In the event of a variation or exceeding of defined temperature beaches, instant alerts are triggered, allowing food processors to immediately take corrective measures To avoid any deterioration in food. This ensures that food processing operations remain in accordance with the highest hygiene standards and ensure consumer safety.

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