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Looking for a industrial thermometer ? Whether you want to equip yourself with a measuring instrument compatible with the requirements of the heating or food industry, you will inevitably find a industrial thermometer suitable from our selection. Their common point? They are very good at making reliable measurements.

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    Thermometer vs anemometer

Why use high-precision measuring devices in the industrial sector?

When working in industry, it is essential to have professional quality tools at your disposal:

  • They are effective and allow temperature measurement both accurate and reliable;
  • They make it possible to comply with the legislation in force.

Take the example of thermometer for legionellosis. This measuring tool is essential for measuring the temperature of the water using an immersion probe. Monitoring the temperature in a water system must be done using a powerful tool, because if the data is not reliable, engineers can miss a colony of legionella bacteria, which are very dangerous for the health. 

Our selection of industrial thermometers

We have selected a wide range ofmeasuring devices which can be used by engineers:

  • Thermometers for legionellosis;
  • Thermometers CVC or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry;
  • HACCP thermometers for the food industry.

Their sensors are very efficient and they have very interesting features that facilitate the work of engineers: fast response time, data storage, audible alarm if the temperature is no longer correct, etc. 

We put our expertise on the industrial thermometer at your disposal

You want to equip your engineering team with a HVAC thermometer High quality ? You hesitate between several HACCP thermometers ? You wonder what thermometer for legionellosis of our catalog is the most efficient? We invite you to contact our team of specialists without further delay: thanks to our expertise, we can recommend a industrial measuring device fully adapted to the requirements of your sector of activity.



Are you hesitating between several thermometers to take your temperature measurements?

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you will have no difficulty finding high quality measuring equipment in our catalog. If you can't make a choice, you can of course contact our specialists: we are here to help you equip yourself with a thermometer that will not disappoint you.