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Thermomètre professionnel

You have certainly often heard that a dog is man's best friend. Nope. Inasmuch as professional measurement specialists in all its forms, our experts say: man's best friend is the thermometer! And for good reason, the professional thermometer accompanies the largest production factories, the chefs of great restaurants as well as the most prodigious doctors and researchers for centuries (man began to measure temperature in fahrenheit and celsius from 1624, that is to say). Let's come back together to this measuring tool, its uses and the different typologies, to help you properly choose your thermometer.

Uses of professional thermometers

🍰 Food thermometer

You may know this, but in the gastronomy sector and more generally in French catering, we don't joke about the cooking of meat or the temperature of chocolate. Confectioners, pastry chefs and other chefs work daily with mercury thermometers, for example, ideal for measuring the temperature of sugar syrup or cooking oil. Of the cooking thermometers specific for ovens and barbecues (because they are high temperature thermometers) reinforce the precision of temperature measurements in the kitchen. Others food thermometers with tips such as penetration probes, are used for measuring the core temperature of meat.

🩺 Medical thermometer

We certainly have here the star of professional thermometers: the medical thermometer. It is essential for measuring body temperature and helps detect fever. To recognize it, you don't need to be a doctor, because since the pediatrician used an infrared thermometer to take your temperature when you were little, you know it. In addition, although generally used by general practitioners, the underarm thermometer is also used by individuals. THE forehead thermometer is another medical device, mainly used in companies since the start of the health crisis. Somewhat less famous but just as important in medical thermometers, you also find data loggers to properly preserve vaccines.

🏭 Industrial thermometer

In all factories, laboratories and other temperature-sensitive work areas, you will find the industrial thermometers. They allow you to establish the right temperature in a room to ensure good working and storage conditions and are essential for monitoring water supply temperatures, for example. Manufacturers need high precision thermometers to guarantee precise temperatures all year round, indoors and outdoors.

❄️ Thermometer equipment

Whether you are in the food, medical or industrial sector, a professional thermometer brings you together: the thermometer equipment. These measuring tools are placed in the cold rooms of food factories to comply with hygiene and safety standards, in the refrigerators of large restaurants or even in the freezers of scientific laboratories. The equipment thermometers complement the professional thermometers that punctuate your daily life.

Types of professional thermometers

Beyond the use of your professional thermometer, it is important to know overall the different types of thermometers existing in order to further your research. Indeed, you are not going to use an ear thermometer (suitable for children because it passes through the ear canal as in the photo below) to monitor the temperature of your cold room or measure the doneness of a turkey ( although trying to do so would be a strange experience).

To learn more about the types of thermometers for professionals, our thermal experts recommend reading Choosing your thermometer in the Complete Guide.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the types of thermometers and functionalities suitable for professional use in the food, medical and industrial fields:

  • the electronic thermometer;
  • the professional infrared thermometer;
  • the wireless thermometer;
  • the digital or digital thermometer (sometimes very advanced in use with a backlit LCD screen and large screen);
  • the multi-measurement thermometer.

Choosing your professional thermometer

If a thermometer (from the Greek thermo (“hot”) and metron (“measurement”)) is a device used to measure and display the temperature value, it is essential to choose it with the greatest precision. You will have understood, each professional thermometer has a use of its own, each type of thermometer allows you to take the temperature differently and each functionality and technological progress make it easier to handle and use.

You don't have all the information you need to make your choice? No problem, our professional measuring experts invite you to go back to the basics to choose your thermometer if necessary or go further to find out more about the thermometer.

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