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Legionella waterproof thermometer kit - IP66/67

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  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Probes included
  • Ingress protection IP66/67
  • FREE Calibration Certificate
  • FREE Water Authorized Timer
  • Pack of 70 wipes FREE
  • FREE ABS Carrying Case

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Legionnaires' Waterproof Thermometer Kit or Legionella Thermometer Kit with Therma IP66/67 Waterproof Thermometer.

This waterproof Legionella test thermometer kit can be used to monitor the temperature of standing water and the surface of pipes and tanks that are part of the system of water. The penetration probe can also be used to test the temperature of tap water.< /p>

The immersion probe must be placed in water at a minimum depth of 25 mm; the tape surface probe can be used to take the temperature of pipes and tanks, and the wire probe can be used to reach difficult places or where other probes are not suitable. This kit comes with a traceable calibration certificate.

Incorrect water temperature is a key risk factor for Legionella growth. Legionella bacteria grow in water at temperatures between 20 and 45°C, especially if a nutrient supply is present, such as scale, rust, sludge or algae. A typical control method is to store cold water below 20°C. Hot water should be stored above 60°C and dispensed above 50°C.

Current legislation means that if you are the employer or person controlling the premises, you must arrange for a risk assessment. The Revised Revised Code of Practice (ACOP) published by the Government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) expands on the scope of its guidance on the control of Legionella bacteria in water.

The code now applies to all hot and cold water systems in the workplace regardless of their capacity, i.e. the lower limit of 300 liters previously used to exclude domestic systems no longer applies. While household systems can pose a risk, the code only applies to risks arising from a professional activity.

This means that all employers who operate premises with hot/cold water systems and/or wet cooling have a legal responsibility to identify any risk of contamination and to prevent or control.

Each Legionnaires Waterproof Thermometer Kit Contains:

1 Therma Waterproof Thermometer ( AR005740 )

1 Waterproof Penetration Probe ( AR005659 )

1 Precision Tape Surface Probe ( AR005852 )

1 PTFE wire probe ( AR005973 )

1 Waterproof Kitchen Timer ( AR005381 )

1 tub of 70 Mini Wipes ( AR005629 )

1 ABS carrying case

Range: -99.9 to 299.9°C (at 0.1°C), 300 to 1372°C (at 1° C)

0.1°C Range: -99.9 to 299.9°C

1°C range: 300 to 1372°C

Resolution: 0.1°C to 299.9°C then 1°C

Accuracy: ±0.4°C, ±0.1%

The battery: 3 x 1.5 volts AAA

Battery life: minimum 5 years (10000 hours)

Sensor type: thermocouple K

Display: 15mm Stroke

Backlight: Yes

Dimensions: 32 x 71 x 141 mm

Weight: 220 grams

Housing: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Country of manufacture: United Kingdom

Warranty: 2 years

Water/dust resistance: IP66/67 protection rating< /p>

Measurement scale: Celsius

Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

Compliant with standard: EN 13485