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Each wine has its own temperature . The importance of temperature in wine tasting cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, red wine is often too hot and white wine too cold . In the first case, above 18 degrees, the alcohol takes over and the aroma loses its subtlety. In the second case, low temperatures can mask imperfections and prevent full appreciation of the complexity of the bouquet. Therefore, you must own a wine thermometer .

How to use a wine thermometer?

You don't need to wait until the last minute to measure the temperature of your bottle . If the bottle is too cold, there's not much you can do to cool it down. We advise you to use a thermometer as soon as you remove the wine from the cellar. Be careful if you have to open the bottle with a thermometer.

Don't wait too long either in case there is a temperature difference. Once you see the results on the tool's dial, it's up to you. Place the white wine in an ice bucket for a few minutes to bring it to the optimal temperature.

Is your red wine too cold? There is no question of exposing it to a heat source, or worse, putting it in the microwave. Subject to alteration. Prefer a bath in lukewarm water where there is no risk.

All wines have an ideal temperature

Of course, wine styles also make a difference if you don't serve red wine at the same temperature as champagne. White wines with acidity and minerality like Sancerre and Chablis are drunk around 8°C, but great whites are drunk around 8°C. Burgundy is best at 12°C. Beaujolais vintages and red wines from the Loire Valley must be served at 16°C, while great wines from Bordeaux and the Rhône Valley must be served at least twice.

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