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If you work in the restaurant industry, you may know that dishwashers include a temperature indicator . However, this is not always very efficient and it is therefore strongly recommended to use a suitable thermometer in order to obtain a precise temperature. Discover our high precision measuring devices.

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What is the use of the dishwasher thermometer?

Evaluating the temperature of a dishwasher is essential to meet the health requirements defined by HACCP rules. In addition, in the catering and food industry sectors, it is essential to have a reliable tool that can measure the internal temperature of the product. In this way, the washing procedures are respected .

The dishwasher thermometer is a measuring device. It ensures the cleanliness of the dishes. To do this, the sensor must attest that the temperature has reached a minimum of 85°C during the rinsing phase.

Our selection of dishwasher thermometers

In our catalog, we have selected measuring instruments that allow temperature measurement in many household appliances .

If you are looking for a reliable tool to measure the temperature of an industrial dishwasher, you can have confidence in our selection. These high-precision measuring devices incorporate a large number of capabilities.

Thanks to your brand new measuring device, you will have the guarantee that your dishes are clean and sterile. This is required to comply with HACCP hygiene rules.

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Are you about to buy a thermometer for the professional dishwasher you use in your restaurant? Are you hesitating between several models presented in our catalog to measure the temperature of your dishwasher? In short, whatever your questions, we will have an answer for you. Because we know our measuring devices perfectly !

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