Thermometer vs thermocouple

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Thermomètre vs thermocouple

In the vast world of thermometers, there is a high temperature measuring device used in a multitude of sectors of activity; whether it is agri-food, industry or home automation (yes yes), the thermocouple thermometer is present whenever it is necessary to control and measure temperatures. Two metals of different natures make up the thermocouples and connected by two junctions. But then, what is a thermocouple thermometer used for? how does it work ? and in what fields do professionals use it? Just as many questions which, thanks to the temperature-taking experts at, will not remain unanswered.

What is a thermocouple thermometer used for?

A thermocouple thermometer, also called thermoelectric couple (CTE), is a temperature sensor. It is useful in different fields. In order to measure the ambient, exterior or interior temperature of a room or surface. The particularity of this instrument lies in its ability to measure temperatures on very wide measuring ranges (up to 1,800 degrees Celsius). The specificity of thermocouples makes them very useful in sectors requiring heating materials to very high temperatures. Or to preserve products at very low temperatures, in industrial or scientific processes for example.

How does a thermocouple thermometer work?

The thermocouple thermometer has a (mostly) stainless temperature probe with two terminals and generates a potential difference (also called FME) in millivolts on these terminals. Its probe is therefore made up ofan alloy of two different metals and connected by a weld at the end. When subjected to a certain temperature, metals cause voltage one millivolt which is subsequently analyzed, measured and transmitted by a regulator or any other regulatory process. Then, the data is transformed into a result directly transmitted by a connector and displayed in temperature on the LCD screen of this digital thermometer and you will be notified by an audible signal.

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All the professional thermometers require regular calibration and calibration in order to function properly, more so when the temperature ranges to be measured are wide.

The thermocouple thermometer for ovens

Different trades require the use of an oven and thereforea thermocouple for an oven to carry out temperature checks.

In France (or simply when you are greedy), when you think “oven”, you immediately think of gastronomy. Indeed, in all areas of activity requiring cooking, baking exists. In large restaurants, in the canteens of public establishments, in bakeries or even at home. And to measure perfectly the temperature of a professional oven, it is necessary to always have a thermocouple thermometer on hand. This is the only way to cook your bread, pizzas or sweets perfectly!

And if you don't think about it immediately, there is another range of professional ovens less visible to the general public but just as important as its culinary cousin, that of the industrial oven. This type of oven provides intense heat, obtained using thermal or electrical energy. The automobile industry, glassmaking and the metal industry therefore use these ovens... Of course, industrial processes and temperature standards must be respected. It is therefore essential to equip yourself with a high definition measuring instrument as the thermocouple thermometer.

The thermocouple thermometer for refrigerators

And if, as Merlin the Enchanter would say, if for a short there is a long, for each square there is a circle, for each high temperature measurement There is low temperature measurement. Who says oven, therefore says refrigerator.

In the large kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants as well as in food production factories and even in scientific laboratories, professionals use refrigerators on a daily basis and therefore, thermocouples for refrigerators. Indeed, it is imperative for obvious reasons hygiene and safety standards, to design, store and transport various products (fish, ice cream or vaccines for example) in cold rooms or refrigerated trucks in order to guarantee their quality. Moreover, constantly monitor the temperature parts or storage or transport boxes require to be equipped with a professional thermometer of that type.


And that’s what makes everything work!

Other types of thermometers

If you cannot find the thermocouple suitable for your use you can choose a custom thermocouple manufactured by GUILCOR. To go further, know all of the different types of thermometers which exist beyond thermocouple measurements, our temperature sensor advisors have looked into a whole bunch of topics that might interest you. In short, do not hesitate to look at the different types of thermometers on the Mag’ from


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