The infrared thermometer (IR / laser)

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Le thermomètre infrarouge (IR / laser)

In the medical sector, in the food industry or even in factories, some temperature measurements are simpler. Especially if the verification is done remotely. THE infrared thermometer responds to quick and accurate temperature control to take body temperature. But also for the internal temperature of an industrial oven or that of a wine vat for example. It also has the advantage of being contactless. Which makes it your great ally for measuring babies' temperatures, which is never easy! THE IR thermometer also called laser thermometer therefore has enormous advantages in several trades. To choose yours carefully, you must know all of its uses and functionalities; our experts invite you to discover the advantages of the IR thermometer by area, to guide you in your choice.

The medical IR thermometer 🩺

The medical infrared thermometer is particularly useful in general medicine because it is practical, efficient, reliable, very precise and allows for really rapid patient temperature measurement. You can find it in most GP surgeries or pediatricians. They have long replaced thermometers with mercury.

The infrared thermometer with the advantage of being contactless, the ear IR thermometer among others, is for example non-invasive and can be used on babies and young children without harming them, as well as on people with cognitive disorders who have difficulty coping with other medical thermometers with internal probes.

Its use : simply place the tip (sterile, disposable and suitable for the probe) at the level of the ear canal and the precise temperature is displayed in seconds on the LCD screen.  

The forehead IR thermometer, to cite another example of an IR/laser thermometer, is rather economical since you do not have to change the tip between two temperature measurements. This is also what makes it quick to control the presence of fever. Whether in public and private educational establishments or in transport. But also in companies in the event of, for example, a global pandemic. 😜

Its use : direct the probe towards the center of the forehead, hold the button and wait for the sound signal indicating the end of the reading, the backlit digital screen of the measuring device will display the body temperature in 1 to 2 seconds.

The IR/laser thermometer is also used in pharmaceutical laboratories or medical transportation. In order to quickly and very precisely control the temperature of cold rooms or transport crates. In which medicines, vaccines, or even organs awaiting transplantation can be stored.

The IR food thermometer 🥗

Ah, French cuisine, just thinking about it, your taste buds are undoubtedly tingling... 🤤 And if we told you that without it infrared food thermometer, isn’t culinary art what it is?

You will find in most restaurants, from the local fast food to the regional Michelin-starred, different types of thermometers. Pfor example, the IR thermometers with retractable probe where the non-contact IR thermometers. To use them, nothing could be simpler. Simply aim and pull the trigger to display the temperature of the item being measured (yes, that's it).

To keep food to the good hygiene and safety standards required by law, to offer fresh products or perfectly cooked meats to your customers or to make confectionery and pastries with surgical precision, you must consider the infrared thermometer like a real member of your team (just that !).

The industrial IR thermometer 🏭

The world of industry is a vast environment. However, production factories are often governed by the same laws. THE industrial infrared thermometer helps bring production conditions up to standard in different areas. Whether it is to check the temperature of the rooms in which workers work, the refrigerators in which packaged food is stored and ready to be delivered or to control the temperature of your industrial ovens, remote temperature measurement via infrared thermometers, ensures you the comfort and safety necessary for your job.

Its use : after allowing the unit to acclimatize to room temperature. Get as close as possible to the object to be measured and direct the infrared thermometer towards the target. After a simple press, the precise temperature is displayed in just a few seconds on the LCD screen.

Indeed, in the industrial sector, the IR thermometer is essential to avoid coming into direct contact with the element, surface or food whose temperature you would need to know; this could distort the temperature measurement or even cause contamination. A high-precision, ergonomic tool with large measuring ranges. With temperature units that can be measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

To go further in your choice

If you work in the kitchen, in a doctor's office or in industry, you will undoubtedly need an IR thermometer. However, do not hesitate to find out more about the different types of existing thermometers, by consulting our other blogs in particular.

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