Professional high temperature thermometer

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Thermomètre professionnel haute température

In certain fields of professional activity such as industry, the medical sector or even scientific research, state-of-the-art equipment is essential. Thermometers, these daily technical assistants, must bring you the most high precision possible, but must also be able measure temperature over wide measuring ranges. You will find on the market professional thermometer two solutions for taking a high temperature: the thermocouple and the infrared thermometer. The specialists of, experts in high temperature thermometers, return with you on how these tools work and guide you in your choice.

Models of professional high temperature thermometers🌡

Industrial furnaces, heating systems or production lines are the processes in which high temperature thermometers are most widely used; the temperature range can go from 500°Celsius to 1200°C, or even 1500°C for the hottest ones. Two solutions are available to you to take the temperature of these high heat sources, namely, the thermocouple and the infrared thermometer.

🔗 The thermocouple

A thermocouple is very quick and easy to use. It is connected to a thermometer to measure the signal and display the temperature. Simply plug the probe into the electronic measuring device and select the temperature setting. The thermocouple measures temperature by generating a potential difference in millivolts across the two terminals of the temperature probe. It is made of an alloy of two precious metals joined by a solder at the end. Subjected to a certain temperature, metals generate a voltage in mV which is then analysed, measured and transmitted by a regulator or any other regulation process, to display the temperature.

Thanks to the thermocouple you can check the internal temperature with the probes which transmit the result directly to the screen of this digital thermometer.

Type thermocouple temperature probes are used to measure temperatures up to at 1800°C; if it may seem obvious, in the case of use at high temperature, all the components of the probe must inevitably withstand the temperature in contact with the heat source. # ThanksCaptainObvious🦸‍♂️

Take the example of this probe professional, it can measure a temperature 1100°C, however the material with which its handle was made does not withstand such a temperature. It will be necessary to ensure that only the metal tube is exposed to the heat source. Other sensors NTC, which means “negative temperature coefficient” and whose maximum Celsius temperature is 200°C, or probes Pt100 (T°max 700°C), although considered as high temperature measurements , have a much smaller measuring range.

Then, nothing could be simpler, just connect the thermocouple sensor to any thermometer compatible with this one and having a sufficiently large measuring range You can choose a thermometer without a probe and to add the probe adapted to your activity, your use and your temperature measurement. In other words, a professional high temperature thermometer made to measure!

🧲 The infrared thermometer

The laser infrared thermometer, which is a digital and non-contact thermometer, which certainly allows you to take body temperature (like the forehead thermometers you will find at the doctor), but it can also be used for high temperatures. Indeed, if you want to check the ambient temperature of an industrial oven that can go up to 1800°C, it is possible to do it remotely with an infrared thermometer.

Unlike the thermocouple that measures the temperature nearby, using the infrared thermometer is as easy as it gets. Stand a safe and comfortable distance from your target, point the thermometer at the surface to be measured, pull the trigger and your laser thermometer reads the temperature instantly.

The real advantage with this kind of temperature measurement is that you can do it remotely for any hard-to-reach object. You can also measure most surfaces with precision and speed.

In addition, the materials of the thermometer/sensor not being in contactwith the heat source , you will simply need to make sure of the amplitude of the ideal measurement range for your use.

Choose your professional high temperature thermometer 💡

The choice of your professional thermometer depends above all on your field of activity and use what you will do with it. Now that you have the features and benefits of the thermocouple and the infrared thermometer, all you have to do is choose the most suitable for your business!

You don't have all the information you need to make your choice? No problem, the professional measurement experts at suggest you go back to the basics for choose your thermometer if necessary or go further for find out more about the thermometer.