The multifunction thermometer

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Le thermomètre multifonctions

Some people are still unaware of it, but in many trades taking the temperature, and therefore the use of professional thermometers, is essential to meet strategic objectives of safety, hygiene or simply to titillate the taste buds! It exists different types of thermometers of great precision that assist professionals in their daily lives and which are today considered essential by the last.

But what to do with all those cooks in distress when they have to measure the temperature of their oven, check the cooking of their meat and control the boiling of the water during the fire? What to do with security guards who have to monitor that Legionnaire's disease is not favored in their factories while constantly checking the ventilation? What else to do with all these struggling farmers, running from a greenhouse to a field, to control air humidity Or the outside temperature? 2 in 1 thermometer, 3 in 1 thermometer or even 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 (it is possible yes…) it is for all those passionate about the field that the multifunction thermometer (also called multi-measurement thermometer) was born! 🙌  What are these hygrometers, barometers and other thermostats? In what areas are they used? The temperature measurement experts of respond to you.

The multifunction thermometer: hygrometer 💦

What is a hygrometer?

And thermo-hygrometer is a measuring device that offers you the possibility of obtaining several sets of data simultaneously. It serves to take room temperature (indoor or outdoor) while collecting the humidity level.

These professional measuring instruments are used in agriculture for crops in greenhouses or outdoors, but not only. For example, in catering, certain products must be kept at a certain temperature and above all dry! In addition, if you work in the animal sector, whether in a care center or in a pet store, you are aware that a vivarium must be checked very regularly to ensure the good health of several species of animals. animals.

The hygrometer and its multifunction are just as effective in our homes. We know that the quality of sleep and our state of health can be altered if we sleep in a room that is too cold, too hot or too humid... Beyond checking the body temperature, it is essential to control the quality of the air in the rooms of the home but also their humidity level.

We are experts in professional temperature taking but we always have little tips for better living at home! 😉

The multifunction thermometer: phmeter 🌊

What is a pH meter?

Also called a pH thermometer, this measuring instrument fulfills different functions: as its name suggests, it allows professionals and individuals alike to measure the hydrogen potential, denoted pH, of water. This electronic thermometer also allows you to check the temperature of the water in which its probe is immersed.

It is therefore logical to deduce that the phmeter is widely used in municipal swimming pools, in spas (imagine water at low temperature to relax, brrr) or in aquatic spaces or professional aquariums. This pH thermometer is an essential device to assist professionals in their decision-making, if only to ensure that the dose of chlorine is properly respected, for example.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the pH meter and its multifunction will also be useful for individuals. Beyond being perfectly sure of the quality of the water and its temperature if you have a swimming pool, a multifunction pH thermometer will be very effective if some family members have skin problems (sorry? yes.). The pH of the water distributed by the city is not automatically neutral and if your child has sensitive skin and wants to take a bath, having a pH thermometer on hand can avoid some itching.

Other types of thermometers

If the multi-measurement thermometers are particularly practical when your job requires a multitude of temperature measurements, verification of air quality or atmospheric pressure, sometimes others professional thermometers may suffice. Depending on your job, you will not necessarily need a 2 in 1, 3 or 1 or even 4 in 1 thermometer, like others. Do not hesitate to look at the different types of thermometers on the Mag’:


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