Thermometer vs anemometer

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Thermomètre vs anémomètre

It is well known that Man measures everything to then combine data then analyze it and thus deal with mountains of subjects! Whether scientist, cook, doctor, architect, physicist or meteorologist, man has been measuring since the dawn of time. It measures body temperature, the atmospheric pressure, humidity, air quality or that of water, as he measures the temperature of a confectionery to make it perfect ora cold room to ensure the storage conditions of what it contains. Man measures therefore Man creates the measuring devices which allow him to advance ever further in his research. As you can imagine, there is a meteorological instrument to capture and then measure wind speed or pressure. This device is called an anemometer thermometer and the temperature sensor experts of guides you through this discovery.

What is an anemometer thermometer? 💨

For our sea and air travel or for the production of wind energy, we need to predict and understand the winds through precise measurements. We use different tools such as the weather vane to know the wind direction or the windsock to measure its strength. Well to precisely measure its speed, we use a thermometer anemometer.

According to the definition of our favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia, an anemometer thermometer is one of the meteorological measuring instruments used to record values of atmospheric parameters. The anemometer is a specific device that offers us the possibility of measuring the speed or the pressure of the wind. Quite simply !

The different types of anemometer thermometers 🌪

Our temperature sensor experts retain two types of thermometers anemometers main: as the air moves, or the pressure variation caused by this movement. The anemometers are most often placed on a pylon called anemometric mast, the height of which depends both on the nature of the observation site (for example on a weather buoy compared to a terrestrial weather station) and on the objective of the measurements (for example research on soil-atmosphere exchanges or for aviation).

The speed anemometer

If we go back to the history of thermometer anemometer, we can see that there are several variants: cup, propeller, reel, hot wire, ultrasonic, bidirectional, acoustic resonance or laser anemometer thermometers; and we are talking here only about velocity anemometers.

Among all these anemometer thermometer models, the most frequently used in meteorology, in industry or in construction is thepinwheel anemometer, today often coupled with a data logger. This measuring device is particularly easy to use, and very practical since it adapts to all environments.

The pressure anemometer

If the speed anemometer is widespread to understand the wind, its force or its speed among many professionals who have made the thermometer a daily ally, there is also thepressure anemometer. Our experts in measuring devices list the thermometer anemometer with plate, ball, tube or sliding plate (known as ventimeter). The simplest use of this type of anemometer consists of a square or circular plate held in front of the wind by a vane. The force exerted by the wind on the plate is measured. Just as easy to understand and more fun to test in physics class is the ball anemometer thermometer; its principle is based on the limit speed reached by a spherical ball in free fall. And if Manau would have sung that the wind was blowing on the plains of Armorican Brittany, it is at the Paimpol sea museum that you will see the Daloz anemometer.

The multifunction anemometer

As a construction professional or if you work in a weather station, it is likely that you need a professional anemometer thermometer which simultaneously displays speed, air volume and outside temperature. Well, the experts at confirm that this little gem of technology does indeed exist. Equipped with an LCD screen to display information in real time and a data logger that will allow you to highlight certain analyzes downstream of your measurements, themultifunction anemometer is the most widely used today.

Other types of thermometers 🌡

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    For more information or if you wish to be guided in your search for a thermometer, call on one of the experts at Thermomè who will be able to advise you according to your use. And to go further and have one of your professional thermometers appraised, it is possible to obtain an ISO calibration certificate for anemometers, for example.