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Thermapen® Classic Thermometers

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  • Measures temperature in 3 seconds.
  • Simple and light to use.
  • Large digital display.
  • FREE Traceable Calibration Certificate.
Color: Blanc

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Thermapen® Classic Thermometer

The Thermapen Classic Thermometer integrates a large digital display with an accurate temperature reading over a range of -49.9 to 299.9°C with a resolution of 0 .1°C and an accuracy of ±0.4°C.

The thermometer will automatically turn off after ten minutes, maximizing battery life.

The Thermapen Classic is fully configurable using switches in the battery compartment.

Here you can choose to disable auto-off mode, choose °C or °F scales and select 1° or 0.1° resolution.

The case is washable and includes Biomaster additive which reduces bacterial growth and the ergonomic rubber seal minimizes the risk of water, dust or food ingress.

Besides being splashproof, it is still "probably" the fastest-reading contact thermometer on the market today. The actual temperature of a product can be tested in three seconds.

Low battery (icon) and open circuit indication are displayed, if present.

Each Thermapen is powered by two lithium button cell batteries with a minimum life of 1500 hours.

Reduced tip, collapsible probe

Thermapen ® Classic Thermometer features a reduced tip, stainless steel, food penetration probe Ø3.3 x 115mm that easily folds 180 degrees on the side of the instrument when not in use.

The response time of any thermometer depends on many factors, the mass of the sensing tip, heat transfer, and most importantly, the state of the substance being measured.

With air and liquid, agitation is crucial for rapid response.

The calibration lab tested the Thermapen ® in a stirred water bath with incredible results.

Thermapen ® is a registered trademark in UK (2025607), EU (008449571) and US (3898535). It is also protected by EC Regd.Des.No. 001580473.

FREE traceable calibration certificate included

Color-coded Thermapen

Chefs, cooks and caterers have used color coding for cutting boards and knives for many years.

There is a specially designed color-coded Thermapen to meet this need.

Thermapen Classic thermometers can be part of your HACCP and due diligence procedures, being used for different types of food or preparation areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Alternatively, each staff member can be given a different colored thermometer.

            • Raw fish
            • Salad / fruit
            • Raw meat
            • Cooked meats
            • Bakery / dairy products

Range:-49.9 to 299.9°C

Resolution: 0.1°C or 1°C - user selectable

Accuracy: ± 0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9°C) otherwise ± 1°C

Battery: 2 x 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell battery

Battery life: 1500 hours

Sensor Type:Thermocouple K

Display: 14.5 mm LCD

Dimensions: 19 x 47 x 153mm

Weight: 97 grams

Housing: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Warranty: two years

Measurement scale: Celsius / Fahrenheit