ThermaGuard Pharm thermometers for vaccines, medications

ThermaGuard Pharm thermometers for vaccines, medications

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Description du ThermaGuard Pharm thermometers for vaccine...

The ThermaGuard Pharm was specifically designed for use in monitoring storage and transportation temperatures of perishable items such as vaccines, medications and food.

Each thermometer features a large LCD screen, which simultaneously displays the current and max/min recorded temperatures .

Both units feature programmable audible alarms allowing the user to preset high and low temperature limits.

When the alarm is active , the LCD screen flashes, the alarm can be deactivated by pressing any button

Housed in a splash-proof IP54 ABS enclosure , which includes the 'Biomaster' additive which reduces bacterial growth, both ThermaGuard Pharm models feature a 0.0°C (±0.1°C) CalCheck function which allows the user to check the accuracy of the thermometer at any time, giving confidence that measurements are accurate.

Each thermistor probe is enclosed in a sealed bottle.

To begin monitoring, simply unscrew and fill with glycol solution (50ml bottle supplied).

Two models available

The ThermaGuard Pharm 101 includes two temperature sensors ; a remote waterproof thermistor probe with a 1 meter PVC cable to monitor product temperature and an internal sensor to monitor ambient temperature.

The ThermaGuard 102 includes two remote water-resistant thermistor probes , both with 1 meter PVC cables for monitoring dual applications.

An optional UKAS two-point calibration certificate is available.

Each certificate indicates deviations from the standards at -18 and 0 °C.

CalCheck function

Both models of the ThermaGuard feature a CalCheck 0.0°C (±0.1°C) function that allows the user to check the accuracy of the thermometer at any time, ensuring that measurements are accurate.

Each ThermaGuard Pharm comes with a plastic wall mount that includes an integrated stand , hook for hanging, and thread for tripod mounting, allowing users to store or position the device safely, securely, and to protect against accidental damage.


Un thermomètre numérique est relié à une bouteille d'eau.

ThermaGuard Pharm therm...


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