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We now offer free shipping on all orders over € 50!
We now offer free shipping on all orders over € 50!

Therma 22 thermocouple and thermistor thermometer

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UGC AR005567
  • Temperature range -199,9 to 400 ° C.
  • Quick response with great precision.
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate.
  • UKAS 3 point certificate available.

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The Therma 22 hand-held thermistor and the thermocouple thermometer have been specially designed for those who need the versatility of thermocouple and thermistor probes in one compact thermometer.

The thermistor sensor gives a higher precision for food processing, while the T-type thermocouple sensor extends the measuring range and provides faster response, if necessary.

Just plug in the probe of your choice on the Therma 22 and the thermometer will take quick and accurate measurements.

The Therma 22 has a easy-to-read LCD display with open circuit and low battery indication.

The instrument displays the temperature on the range -39,9 to 149,9 ° C (thermistor) or on the range -199,9 to 400 ° C (type T thermocouple).

The Therma 22 is housed in a sturdy ABS housing here includes Biomaster additive which reduces bacterial growth.

La auto power off function maximizes battery life, automatically turning off the instrument after ten minutes.

The Therma 22 thermometer incorporates a screw-lock Lumberg-type connector, allowing the use of a wide range of interchangeable probes.

GUILCOR offers a wide range interchangeable T type thermocouple probes.

The Therma 22 is sold off probe.

Optional accessories 

Protective cover helps protect the instrument from damage accidental and when in use, it makes the instrument splash-proof according to IP64.

Wall thermometer holder Stainless steel store the instrument safely when not in use (screws not supplied).

Thermistor test plugs, suitable for testing the accuracy of the Therma 22, are also available

What is Biomaster?

Biomaster additives are potent silver-based inorganic biocides broad spectrum for use in plastics, helping to reduce hygiene risks.

The concentration of silver, in Biomaster's patented antimicrobial active agent, provides silver ion release on demand, which in turn safely inhibits microbial growth.

Range - T thermocouple: -199,9 to 400 ° C

Range - thermistor: -39,9 to 149,9 ° C

Resolution: 0,1 ° C to 299,9 ° C thereafter 1 ° C

Accuracy - instrument only: ± 0,2 ° C

System accuracy - type T t / c: ± 0,5 ° C (-49,9 to 149,9 ° C)

System accuracy - thermistor: ± 0,4 ° C (-24,9 to 109,9 ° C)

Drums : 3 x 1,5 volts AAA

Battery life: minimum 5 years (10000 hours)

Type of sensor: type T thermistor / thermocouple

Display: 12 mm LCD

Dimensions: 25 x 56 x 128 mm

Weight: 130 grams

Case: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Warranty: two years

Water / dust resistance: IP64 when using startup (optional accessory)

Measuring scale : Celsius

Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

To comply with the standard : EN 13485