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Etapes 1 | Type of thermometer

Quel est votre type de thermomètre ?

Commandez votre certificat d’étalonnage ETI, ETI et ETI !

Thermometer with probe

Un thermomètre numérique ETI sur fond noir.

Thermometer without probe

Une sonde verte ETI à laquelle est attaché un fil.

Temperature sensor

Un thermomètre infrarouge ETI sur fond blanc.

infrared thermometer

Quel est votre modèle thermomètre ?

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Order your calibration certificate!

Prix du certificat

$67.00 USD

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0 | 100

-18 | 0 | 100

-18 | 0 | 40 | 100

-18 | 0 | 40 | 70 | 100

Autres températures disponibles sur demande de devis

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Traceable certificate

Accredited certificate

Qu’est-ce qu’un

The traceable certificate is developed by comparing a thermometer to be calibrated to a reference thermometer having a valid ISO 17025 accredited certificate (less than 12 months).

The traceable certificate is generally satisfactory for inspectors during control visits.

The accredited certificate is produced in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. This accreditation is provided by UKAS in the United Kingdom, COFRAC in French or DAkkS in Germany. Our accredited certificates are carried out in the UK.

The accredited certificate is generally used for sensitive measurements or for reference thermometers. These reference thermometers are then used to produce traceable certificates.

Calibration points are the temperatures at which the thermometer will be calibrated. The number of checkpoints you choose depends on your needs.

2 points: 0 and 100°C
3 points: -18, 0 and 100°C
4 points: -18, 0, 40 and 100°C
5 points: -18, 0, 40, 70 and 100°C

THE traceable certificates generally require 3 points.

THE accredited certificates generally require 5 points.

We can calibrate thermometers to custom checkpoints. In this case we invite you to send us a quote request.

For traceable certificates, we can calibrate thermometers from -100 to 500°C. For accredited certificates, the calibration range is -100 to 250°C.

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Order your calibration certificate!

Prix du certificat

$67.00 USD

Etapes 3 | Certificate type

How would you like to send us your thermometer?

Drop off my package at a relay point

After validation of your order, you will receive a Mondial Relay label.

This label will allow you to send us your thermometer. Simply print your label, stick it on your package, then drop off your package at the relay point defined when ordering.

Some practical information

  • Packages are insured up to €500.
  • The delivery time of the certificate is valid from the receipt of the thermometer.

I take care of the shipping

Some practical information

  • Attach the order form in the package
  • Send the package to the address below:
    FRANCE THERMOMETRE, GUILCOR, Route de carolles, 50530, Sartilly, France
  • Send us the package tracking code to the email address

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