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Thermomètre avec sonde

In the vast world of professional and home thermometers , there are a multitude of temperature sensors suitable for your uses. Today we are going to look at thermometers with probe ; these are digital thermometers that measure the temperature of the most inaccessible places thanks to their wired or wireless stainless steel probe connected directly to an LCD screen on which the temperature is transcribed (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit). The probe thermometer is really the essential tool of the greatest cooks, production managers of food factories but also scientists and doctors. 's temperature advisors take you up to date on these little marvels of technology.

The thermometer with wireless probe

Thermometers with wireless probe are essential in French kitchens, at home or in a restaurant. Indeed, do you like to cook as an amateur or are you a starred chef out of a passion for the culinary arts? When you need to know the exact core temperature of Christmas capon or prime rib to share, you need to be able to take the exact temperature of your meats.

For accurate and reliable temperature measurement , you can always rely on wireless probe thermometers. These are remarkable kitchen thermometers . You'll find external probes and retractable probes that acclimate to large measurement ranges.

The thermometer with retractable probe

The thermometer with retractable probe is a digital thermometer that is not only practical, highly reliable and highly accurate over large measuring ranges, but it also offers professionals the security that others do not have. Compact due to the very fact of being retractable, once its stainless steel tip probe is stored , no one risks the slightest accident! This is a significant detail for professional or domestic use.

The thermometer with external probe

This product, the thermometer with external stainless steel probe is useful in many areas, whether at home or in your daily work.

  • Food ( Again?! Yes. ) : indeed, whether you create confectionery like Charlie and his divine chocolate factory, whether you are a production manager in a food factory or the specialty of your starred restaurant or quail in Cognac, you need to have a digital thermometer available at all times.
  • Gardening: the ecological awareness of the French is rising and with it the desire to do well. More and more compost is emerging! Whether in our homes or in the office when your company is equipped with a kitchen or a cafeteria. A compost thermometer is essential to control and regulate any compost heap since the temperature range recommended by gardeners is between 55°C and 70°C.
  • The medical: of course, among the thermometers with external probe , you will also find the classic medical axillary thermometer that we find in all family bathrooms for a quick and reliable temperature measurement at home!

The thermometer with wired probe

In order to perform temperature measurements that are both very precise and very reliable. The thermometer with wired probe is useful in many sectors of activity. In agri-food, medical or research, industry, etc.

Thanks to its stainless steel probe , this high-performance temperature sensor displays very low or very high temperatures on its LCD screen, depending on your needs. For example, in the food industry or in the field of research, freezers or refrigerated trucks are often used to transport goods such as fresh fish or vaccines. To avoid microbial contamination in the kitchen, the temperature of containers must meet a very specific standard, which is that of the cold chain; thanks to the wired probe thermometer , you can't go wrong!

Extra tip: always in the kitchen (our advisers love to cook… 😉) if you happen to work with an old gas oven that does not display the exact temperature, you can always count on an oven thermometer that is a digital thermometer easy-to-use cooktop that displays the current temperature as well as a timer and audible alarm. Thus, the measured temperature will be very accurate and reliable.

The thermometer with removable probe

Among all these measuring instruments, you will also find the thermometer with removable probe. It is a high precision digital thermometer for Pt100, NTC, or thermocouple sensors.

Advantage No. 1 of this device: easily and quickly replace the probe in the event of breakage or if you need to replace the current probe with a more suitable probe. For example: use a needle probe for sous vide cooking. Or use a contact probe for industrial use.

Other types of thermometers

To go further to know all the different types of thermometers that exist, our temperature sensor advisers have looked into a whole host of subjects that might interest you. Do not hesitate to look at the different types of thermometers on the Mag' de Thermomè