Bluetooth HACCP thermometer

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Are you looking for a connected thermometer that gives you the possibility of transferring the data collected directly to your smartphone via an IOS or Android application? Discover our collection of Bluetooth thermometers : high-precision measuring devices that will fully satisfy you.

9 products

Why use Bluetooth technology for a connected thermometer?

Taking measurements using a connected thermometer can be done using several technologies including Bluetooth. If you decide to purchase a Bluetooth thermometer, you will be able to send the temperature measurements collected by the device in a few seconds to your phone or tablet running IOS or Android.

Bluetooth is a technology that is both secure and easy to use. If you are looking for a way to measure the temperature of culinary preparations in a professional kitchen, but also to better analyze this data, it is useful to be able to display the results obtained in an application, in addition to a simple LCD screen.

Our selection of bluetooth thermometers

On our website, we have selected a large collection of bluetooth thermometers . They are mainly designed to be used in the catering sector: cooking thermometer , device for measuring the temperature in a commercial dishwasher , etc.

The strong point of these measuring instruments is that they have many features:

  • Data storage;
  • Audible signal ;
  • LCD screen that displays the temperature;
  • Possibility of sending data to an application using Bluetooth (from 6 to 50 meters depending on the model);
  • And many other options depending on the model.

Learn more about the connected thermometer

Is the temperature measured using a Bluetooth thermometer reliable? Is this device both efficient and easy to use? And above all, which model should you choose according to your needs? If you have all these questions, the easiest way is to contact our team, which is made up of thermometer specialists. Therefore, we will be able to answer all your questions and we will advise you on the models that meet your needs.

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