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Humidity Measurement Guide

Range of portable pin (resistance) moisture meters for professionals and craftsmen. Pin-type moisture meters are recognized as a reliable means of obtaining moisture percentage readings in a wide range of building materials. The relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance provides consistent and accurate results over the range from 4% to fiber saturation point, which is around 30%, depending on the material.

Construction materials

Some moisture is unavoidable and may even be necessary in some building materials, but too much can cause mold, rot and other problems. Moisture meters are cost-effective instruments that can easily determine moisture levels - allowing the user to diagnose problems and make informed decisions regarding corrective actions.

Humidity measurement problems?

The main problems stem from the "structure" of the material under test, in particular the presence of other conductive materials which can affect the reading. Therefore, when measuring the moisture content of a material, it is important to appreciate a number of factors:

  • Surrounding environment
  • Material density
  • Grain size or direction
  • Ability of a material to absorb moisture

Why measure the humidity of floors and walls?

Many flooring materials use water-based adhesives, which are more likely to fail today than the old traditional solvent-based adhesives. Moisture can cause laminates to fail, tiles to lift, and hardwood floors to warp or crack. A newly poured concrete floor slab is usually the slowest drying element of a building. Therefore, it is important to measure the moisture content accurately to ensure a successful soil.

Measuring the moisture content of walls is a traditional method for locating dampness and other related problems, i.e. damaged pipes, broken waterproof layers, etc. corrective actions are taken.



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