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Frying Oil Test Strips x 100

UGC AR004654
€33,25 - €33,25
€33,25 - €33,25
All taxes included
  • Inexpensive, no prep required.
  • Simple dip and read method.
  • Easy to read color chart for decision making.
  • Contains 100 test strips.
  • Instruction Manual

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These quality frying oil drops allow you to keep the quality of your fried foods at a high level , as well as save money ​​and premature disposal of cooking oil.

Test strips work equally well in animal, vegetable frying oils and A/V (shortening).

They are sold in storage bottles of 100 strips of oil quality that contain an easy-to-read color chart.

To test the oil in your fryer, hold the test strip by the long white end and dip the test strip into oil (maximum oil temperature 40°C) so that the entire colored band is immersed.

Hold test strip in oil for 2 seconds , hold it and reduce it for 2 minutes , then compare the strip to the color chart.
It is recommended to test the frying oil at the start of each shift/working day before the user begins to apply heat to the oil.

To ensure accuracy, test strips should not be stored in damp conditions or in an area where they may be exposed to water or oil before use.


The test strips are designed to measure FFA (Free Fatty Acids) which is a long chain carboxylic acid.

The more free fatty acids in the oil, the higher the acid value (AV).

The acid value is the number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) needed to neutralize fatty acids in 1 gram of oil sample.

By immersing the reagent end of the test strip for 2 seconds, oil is absorbed and fatty acids contained in the reactive oil with potassium hydroxide in the reagent.

After 2 minutes the chemical compound develops color in the reagent changes depending on the mg/KOH/g needed to neutralize the FFA in the oil.

This color can then be matched with the color chart on the back of the bottle:

- 0-0.5 IDEAL.
- 1.5-2.5 CAUTION.
- 3.0-5.0 BAD.

Free fatty acids are not suitable for identifying the age of fats , whether or not they are present in oil.