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Dial thermometer

Discover a wide selection of dial thermometers in our catalogue. We provide you with reliable and precise measuring devices that can be used in many circumstances. Their common point? They may be economical to buy, but they are still very efficient.

Why choose an analog dial thermometer?

The mechanical dial thermometer allows you to measure temperature without the need for a power supply. There are many kinds:

  • Kitchen thermometer for oven, fridge, freezer or even food like meat
  • Compost Thermometer
  • Radiator Thermometer
  • And many more apps!

What should be remembered is that these are measuring devices which are both efficient and economical. They may not be very expensive to buy, but they provide reliable and accurate temperature measurements.

Our dial thermometers

We have selected many dial measuring instruments:

If you take a closer look at the different measuring devices that are presented, you will see that they are most of the time made of stainless steel, which is a robust and durable material.

Need advice on choosing your mechanical dial thermometer?

Some of our dial thermometers are color coded to make reading the temperature easier. Others have a probe. Some can be placed on a stable surface while others can be hung with a clip.

To choose the right analog dial thermometer, we advise you to ask yourself what you expect from your measuring equipment. For example, if your goal is to monitor the doneness of your meats, a dial thermometer with a probe is essential.

Contact us if you need advice on choosing your mechanical dial measuring device!