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Medical infrared thermometer

The contactless thermometer is a very clever device for taking body temperature. Discover our medical thermometers matching technology infrared: the models selected on our website allow quick and reliable measurements to be taken to monitor the presence of fever or even hypothermia.

Why use a non-contact medical thermometer?

Taking your temperature is essential when you are sick and want to check if you are doing fever or not. Indeed, body temperature is a good indicator of health status.

There are different kinds of thermometers to measuring body temperature , but in recent years contactless models are the most popular:

  • It is a measuring device that combines reliability and practicality: it allows you to take the temperature non-invasively in just a few seconds;
  • It is a hygienic measuring instrument, because it is not necessary for the temperature sensor to come into contact with the skin: for healthcare professionals, it is This therefore saves time, because it is not necessary to sterilize the equipment after each use;
  • The infrared thermometer is also discreet: you can take the temperature of a sleeping infant without waking him up.

Ear or forehead thermometer?

Wondering if the contactless forehead thermometer performs as well as the ear thermometer infrared? These 2 meters are reliable, so we advise you to choose the model with which you feel most comfortable. There are also ear and forehead models.

How to choose a medical infrared thermometer?

Do you want to buy a baby thermometer, but you don't know which model to choose? Make your choice from the options that are offered:

  • Sound alarm;
  • Silent Mode;
  • Indicator light;
  • Memorization of the last measurements;
  • Large backlit LCD display to read the temperature even at night;
  • Etc
If you need our expertise to find your medical thermometer without contact, contact our team of specialists without delay.