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Industrial infrared thermometer

Discover our measuring devices specially designed for the industrial sector: high-precision models that operate using infrared technology. If you are looking for an industrial infrared thermometer, you will necessarily find the measuring instrument you need in our selection.

Industrial thermometer: what is the benefit of infrared radiation?

Are you wondering why use a non-contact industrial thermometer? This measuring device is essential for controlling the surface temperature without having to come into contact with the element to be measured. In the industrial sector, this is important, because touching the element whose temperature you want to measure can distort the result or lead to contamination.

To obtain data on the surface temperature of an industrial element, the infrared thermometer is very reliable: you can trust in the information collected through the temperature sensor.

How to use an industrial infrared thermometer?

For an industrial application, the infrared thermometer is very easy to use:

  • Optimal grip and greater data accuracy, these thermometers are most often shaped like a gun;
  • Just point the trigger in front of the element whose temperature you want to know;
  • Then press a button to activate the infrared radiation;
  • Response time varies from model to model, but generally you will get the element temperature in seconds.

Looking for a non-contact thermometer for industry?

Our industrial infrared thermometers all have one thing in common: high performance. We put several models at your disposal so that you can more easily find the measuring instrument that will best meet the requirements of your profession.

For example, some of our industrial infrared thermometers have a wider temperature range than others. The models presented on our website do not necessarily have the same functionalities either.

If you are hesitating between 2 models or if you want to know more about an industrial infrared thermometer from our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.