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You work in the food industry sector and you want to equip yourself with a thermometer infrared ? For control the surface temperature of a food, a professional quality tool is essential. Discover our selection: you will necessarily find the infrared food thermometer you need in our catalog.

  • Comment utiliser un thermomètre laser/infrarouge ?
    How to use a laser/infrared thermometer?

Why infrared technology for a food thermometer?

In order to guarantee the freshness of food in the catering sector or the food industry, it is recommended to carry out tests to control its surface temperature. 

The use of infrared food thermometer is popular because it allows the surface temperature of food to be measured without touching it. It is a guarantee of hygiene, because the infrared technology of the food thermometer avoids microbial contamination. 

Note: to check the cooking temperature of a food, for example meat which must be cooked through, it is preferable to use a thermometer with a penetration probe. The infrared thermometer is only recommended for taking the temperature at the surface of food. However, there are models that combine both probe and contactless. 

Discover our food thermometers

We have selected kitchen thermometers of high precision which integrate the infrared technology. They are ideal for measuring the surface temperature of solid, semi-liquid and liquid foods without having to touch them or even use a penetration probe. The temperature range is wide (on average from -60° to +500°), which allows it to be used in many situations. We lead the food thermometer towards the target, the trigger is pressed and all that remains is to read what is displayed on the LCD screen. 

The food infrared thermometer that you buy on our website will allow you to obtain data that is both reliable and precise. 

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