baby thermometer


Whether you want to measure the tyour baby's bath temperature, room temperature or just your baby's temperature, we present a selection of thermometers suitable for all these situations. You can find a thermometer that doubles as a hygrometer to take your baby's temperature. Some use infrared, others use earpieces. If you have any questions about our baby thermometers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Which thermometer to choose for your baby?

Despite technological advances, an old-fashioned thermometer is reassuring for traditionalist parents. For accurate and reliable readings, shake vigorously to keep the temperature below 37°C before each temperature measurement. A cotton swab soaked in 90° alcohol is sufficient for disinfection. In addition to being easy to use, it is suitable for all indications and can be purchased over the counter. The downside of this mercury thermometer is its limited readability and inability to accurately measure temperature.

electronic thermometers have the same appearance as traditional thermometers, but are mercury-free. Every time I use it I have to reset the screen to get the correct numbers. The device remembers the last value displayed, so resetting the display restores the correct temperature. A beep sounds to inform the user that the measurement has taken place. For hygienic reasons, we recommend cleaning with 90° alcohol. This type of thermometer is available at reasonable prices in supermarkets and pharmacies.

More suitable for the medical field, infrared thermometers are ideal for home use when caring for young children. This instrument advocates a fairly expensive journey as it reflects accuracy. Its use is tricky because you have to tilt it slightly at ear level when the temperature rises. An infrared thermometer is attached to the disposable mouthpiece after each job. To ensure accurate temperature readings, the child should remain in a stable position for as long as possible.

How to take a child's body temperature?

There are several ways to take your baby's temperature. The most common method is rectally, although this is a very awkward position that makes babies prone to wobbling. The results are very reliable, but the way the thermometer is administered is meticulous to avoid hurting the baby's anus.

Oral temperature measurement is the least recommended for children under 5 years old. The device is placed under your tongue. However, care should be taken to ensure that the mouth is securely closed and no food is ingested to avoid falsifying the results. For the axillary route, there is also the imprecision of the temperature values due to the external estimation at the level of the skin.

forehead thermometer works simply by holding the device against your child's forehead and measuring the approximate temperature. The results you see are random, so cross-checking is necessary. The ear reading is the most accurate estimate, as the correct temperature for the human body is measured at the eardrum. This method is very convenient because it gives accurate results easily and quickly.

To minimize the child's stress, parents can optionally measure the temperature remotely using an infrared thermometer. Simply direct it towards the surface of your skin. A distance of less than 15 cm between the baby and the device will give reliable results.

Wellness thermometer

To ensure the health of children, especially newborns, the ambient heat of the room in which the child is located must be adapted to him. These devices that distract babies are distributed in various places such as supermarkets. They let parents know the temperature in the baby's room so they can adjust it accordingly.

A bath is a time of great joy and relaxation for your little one. Make sure the water you bathe in is the right temperature. The baby bath has a thermal safety of 35° to 37°. Bath temperature can be easily measured by immersing the bath thermometer in water.



Are you hesitating between several thermometers to take your temperature measurements?

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you will have no difficulty finding high quality measuring equipment in our catalog. If you can't make a choice, you can of course contact our specialists: we are here to help you equip yourself with a thermometer that will not disappoint you.