Thermometer with retractable probe


Do you want to purchase a electronic thermometer equipped with a retractable probe? Discover our measuring devices equipped with a high-precision foldable temperature probe.

Whatever model you have a preference for in our catalog, you will be fully satisfied with its performance for measure the temperature

Thermometer with foldable probe: what is it for?

The retractable probe thermometer is just as reliable as models with a fixed probe. Indeed, in both cases, it is an electronic thermometer whose measurements are precise: the data displayed on the LCD screen is therefore very reliable.

But the collapsible probe still has several advantages over the fixed probe: 

  • The digital thermometer is compact once the probe is folded up: a minimum size that makes the measuring device very easy to store, even in a small space;
  • The grip for check the temperature is optimal, because it is possible to change the orientation of the probe according to the situation;
  • Finally, the retractable temperature probe limits injuries: when you don't need it, you can store the pointed probe, which prevents accidental injury. 

Our selection of thermometers with retractable probe

We offer a wide selection ofmeasuring instruments with a collapsible probe. In particular, you will find kitchen thermometers which make it possible to control the cooking of food or to check the surface temperature. But we also provide you with measuring devices to obtain very reliable data on the air temperature : ideal in places sensitive to heat and cold such as laboratories. 

Personalized support to find your thermometer with retractable probe

You want to buy a cooking thermometer ? Are you rather looking for a measuring instrument to control the air temperature? Whatever model you are looking for, you are bound to find a thermometer with retractable probe of high quality in our catalogue: contact us if you need help finding the meat thermometer or air you need!



Are you hesitating between several thermometers to take your temperature measurements?

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