How to set up and use Thermadata 4 Channel Logger

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Comment configurer et utiliser l'enregistreur  Thermadata 4 Canaux

You have just purchased a recorder ThermaData 4 channels ? Now is the time to configure your instrument and start record your temperatures. Read on to find out how to do this, and how to download and visualize your data.


The first thing to do, if you haven't already, is to download and install the latest version of the software ThermaData Studio (v6.0.0.0).

Once done, plug in your recorder to the computer using the supplied USB cable and open the software. A pop-up window should appear in the lower right corner telling you that your instrument has been installed.

Select tab ThermaData at the top of the page. Click on "Instrument Settings" to configure your instrument. From there you can rename your sensors and define high and low limits for each of them, select your reading intervals, enable multiple recordings and sound alarms, and select when you want your recorder to start and end temperature taking.

The top of the device has four ports for each of your probes. The ports are numbered so you can see which probe corresponds to which sensor number on the device. Make sure you have inserted your probes before starting a registration.


You can programmer your recorder so that it starts immediately, after a set deadline or at one and one specific date. Setting a delay is useful for applications where the logger needs to acclimate before starting.

Once you have entered your settings and are ready to launch the recorder, click "Send Parameters" at the bottom of the window recorder settings. This will send your new settings to the device, erasing by the way every existing data of the instrument. A popup window reminds you that all data on the device will be erased if you continue.

Once you have confirmed that you want your new settings to be sent to device, the instrument displays either "Press to Start", that is "Strt At XXhr XX".

If the recorder displays "Press to Start", you can either press the button start/stop of the instrument to start recording, either select the button start in the lower right corner of the window Logger Settings from ThermaData Studio. Recording will begin immediately or after a delay if you have defined one.

If the instrument displays "Strt At XXhr XX", it will start automatically to be recorded at the time you set it.

You can then unplug computer device.


The screen allows you to view two sensors at once. Push the button display to switch from the sensor display 1 and 2 to that of the sensors 3 and 4.

The screen displays the last temperature recorded, minimum and maximum temperatures, high and low alarms for each sensor, as well as volume and battery level.

For enable or disable volume, hold the button mute for five seconds. To prevent the screen from to toggle, hold the button display/lock pressed for five seconds.


You can programmer stopping your recorder from recording in several ways via the settings of the recorder when you configure the device. You can program it to stop manually, when the logger is full, after a certain number of readings or at a time and a date specific.

If you selected the option manual to stop recording, you can either click on the button stop in ThermaData Studio (if the recorder is connected to the computer), or maintain pressed the button start/stop device for five seconds. Once the device is stopped, the recording is ended and ready to be downloaded.

If you have activated the instrument to make multiple records, you can press the button start/stop for 3 seconds. The screen will then show "logX done" and will be ready to record a new registration by pressing start. You don't need to download previous recordings because it saves them on the device to download them later. You can perform this operation until 20 times, or until the memory of the instrument either full.

If you have not enabled the instrument to perform multiple records, when the instrument stops recording, you will need to download your data and restart the recorder in ThermaData Studio before starting a new recording.


You can Download your data at any time, without interfere with the recordings in progress nor the to bribe.

For Download your data, connect your logger to the computer and open ThermaData Studio. Select tab "Welcome" at the top of the page, then click "To download".

For download data between specific periods, selected sensors or recordings, click "Options" bottom of the box "Save as". After selecting the format and location of your download and clicking "To register", you will be able to view your data in ThermaData Studio.

tab "File" It allows you to to print and of to share your data, or to save them in another format (for example a Microsoft Excel document).


You can view the results of your registration in several ways: through a data summary, of a data graph or a data window. The data summary and graph are displayed when you upload your data, but you can also access it via the toolbar.

Data Summary

The summary data allows you to view the settings of the recording, a summary of each registration in the case of multi-input mode, information on alarms and possibility to record notes.


The graph displays the temperature recorded on each sensor during the registration period of your journal(s). Each sensor appears in a color different and you can select sensors and logs (in mode multi-logs) that you want to display on the chart in the game right from the window.

Data window

Click on the tab "Data" on the toolbar to bring up the data window. You will see a table with each registration number, the date and time of the recording and the temperature recording for each sensor. If you use the mode multi-logs, you can scroll the list to see each log or you can select the one you want to see from the tab "Multiple Logs" in the toolbar.