Which non-contact thermometer to choose?

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Quel thermomètre sans contact choisir ?

Particularly easy to use for professionals and individuals, the use of the non contact thermometer has been democratizing for several years now. You will find forehead thermometers in some companies to prevent cases of fever, bath thermometers in homes where infants are growing up or high-precision non-contact thermometers to take the ambient temperature of industrial ovens or cold rooms. This infrared technology allows fast, accurate temperature measurement and its measurement range is generally wide. So whether you need to check a patient's body temperature or a hard-to-reach area, it's necessary to choose the non-contact thermometer the most suitable for your activity and your use.

The non-contact thermometer: definition and operation

Also called infrared thermometer, the non-contact thermometer is a device for taking the temperature of the surface of an object, the temperature of the body or of a remote environment (unlike conventional thermometers). Sometimes equipped with a laser allowing the user to aim precisely, the non-contact thermometer is also called a laser thermometer.

Regarding its operation, this electronic thermometer detects infrared energy (just heat) and converts it into an electronic signal. The latter is then processed to produce thermal data and then calculated in temperature value, and transmitted directly to the LCD screen of your thermometer. You are alerted by an audible signal when the temperature value reaches the highest point of accuracy.

This method of measurement can therefore be very precise provided, however, that it is well calibrated. The lens of the device must be clean, the measurement field free of any interference (dust or humidity) and the surface you want to measure must not contain traces of rust or the like. The temperature measurement experts of Thermometer.co.uk recommend that you check if possible with a contact thermometer with penetration probe, for example if the measurement does not seem reliable to you.

Infrared thermometer applications

The thermometer without medical contact 🩺

In the medical infrared thermometers, you will find the forehead thermometer, much more hygienic, ergonomic and precise than its cousin (the temperature is taken under the armpit). It is widely used by general practitioners, emergency doctors, etc. to quickly measure the body temperature of patients. You can also find it in different companies since the recent health crisis in order to check employee temperatures and limit the risks in case of fever. Less widespread but just as effective, the ear thermometer is the best ally of pediatricians for taking the temperature of babies and young children.

The industrial non-contact thermometer 🏭

If you work in this field of activity you know that the industrial infrared thermometers are used very regularly. From controlling the temperature of an oven or other equipment to measuring the temperature of a ventilation system and checking mechanical equipment or electrical circuits (e.g. electrical cabinets), the uses of 'a non contact thermometer in the industrial sector are very varied.

The thermometer without food contact 🍔

The infrared food thermometers they are very common in food factories or in the kitchens of the best Parisian restaurants, where food is subject to particularly strict health and safety conditions. the non contact thermometer allows a reinforcement of the controls of packaging of food products in packaging (provided that measurements are not carried out in the air pockets).

The scientific non-contact thermometer ⚗️

If it is not the thermometer most used in scientific research, the non contact thermometer still allows the detection of clouds for telescopes, the control of the heating or cooling of materials with precision or the detection of hot zones during a fire.

The household non-contact thermometer 🏠

Often called the baby thermometer, as part of a use for taking body temperature or that of a toddler's bath, the non-contact thermometer is taking up more and more space in our homes. If we all had a rectal thermometer (now used more as an underarm thermometer), it is slowly starting to be erased by the new electronic thermometers.

Your contactless thermometer

You will have understood it, for choose the ideal infrared thermometer for your activity and ultimately, the use you will have of it, you can base yourself on different criteria.

The choice of a temperature sensor must first be made according to the type of application, taking into account the ambient conditions, the temperature ranges and the desired measurement accuracy. Of course you can choose your thermometer according to its characteristics, its functionalities (multifunction, recorder, storage, waterproof, automatic shutdown, silent mode, etc.) or its use. You can also consult our guide on how to use an infrared/laser thermometer to find out more.

For more information on thermometers, call an expert directly and let yourself be guided by his precious advice!