Choose your moisture meter to measure humidity

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Choisir son humidimètre pour mesurer l'humidité

At the house of France Thermometer, we sell a range of moisture meters pin (resistance) laptops for professionals and the artisans. The pin moisture meters are recognized as a reliable means of obtaining moisture percentage readings in a range of building materials. The relationship between moisture content and the electrical resistance provides consistent and accurate results over the range of 4 % to the fiber saturation point, which is about 30 %, depending on the material.

Construction materials

Some humidity is inevitable and may even be necessary in some construction materials, but too much moisture can cause mold, from rot and Other problems. Us moisture meters are economic instruments who can easily determine the humidity levels, which allows the user to diagnose issues and make informed decisions about corrective actions.

Humidity Measurement Problems

The main problems stem from the "structure" of the material tested, in particular the presence of other conductive materials that may affect reading.

Therefore, when measuring the moisture content of a material, it is important to appreciate a number of factors:

  • Surrounding environment
  • Material density
  • Grain size or direction
  • Ability of a material to absorb moisture



Why measure floor and wall humidity?

Many flooring materials today use water-based adhesives, which are more likely to fail than older traditional adhesives based on solvent. Humidity can cause failure of laminates, the tile lifting and the warping or cracking of floors of hardwood. A newly poured concrete floor slab is usually the slowest drying element of a building. Therefore, it is important to measure the moisture content accurately to ensure a successful floor. Measuring the moisture content of walls is a traditional method for locate moisture and others related issues, that is to say damaged pipes, of the broken watertight layers, etc. corrective actions are taken.

Products available on  🙌

7250 Moisture Meter

This moisture meter for wood and building materials is designed specifically for building professionals and tradesmen to check the moisture content in a variety of building materials. The moisture meter has a bar graph to 20 LED in the keypad which displays current humidity levels; green for ‘OK’, orange for ‘ATTENTION’ or red for ‘WET'. The digital counter incorporates five measurement scales.

7000 Moisture Meter

The 7000 is a compact moisture meter with general purpose designed specifically for professionals of the building and the tradespeople to check the moisture content in a variety of building materials. The 7000 also features the same bar chart indicator to 20 LED than the 7250, but the 7000 has interchangeable 2-pin probes. This allows you to use the general purpose probe, the hammer probe heavy duty or deep wall probe.

Moisture Meter Kit

Designed specifically for the construction industry and based around the 7000 moisture meter, this moisture meter kit is a complete solution for measuring moisture in a variety of building materials. This kit represents a Excellent value because it is supplied in a case of FREE transportation and includes a two pin probe, two pin packs and a FREE protective sheath.


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