Thermometer vs hygrometer

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Thermomètre vs hygromètre

In the 15th century, Nicolas de Cues, theologian and philosopher, proved that the air contains water vapor in variable quantities thanks to the measurement of the variation in the weight of a large ball of wool. Later, his colleague Leon Battista Alberti, a renowned polymath, suggested that he measure the level of humidity in the air with a sponge, according to him more effective. It is Leonardo da Vinci in 1478 who will concretize these ideas of evaluation of the humidity of the air , by the sketch of the first hygrometer that the Earth carried. If at the time the sole fact of discovering was in itself a great victory, today the measurement of humidity and the measurement of temperature thanks to the hygrometer go much further. 's temperature-taking advisers suggest that you come back to the hygrometer thermometer , its usefulness, its operation and its various professional and domestic uses.

What is a hygrometer thermometer used for? 💦

A hygrometer is a digital or needle thermometer used to measure the humidity of the air. At Thermomè, for example, our multi-measurement devices record the relative humidity of the air as well as the ambient temperature. For information, the relative humidity measurement is expressed as a percentage. The measurement range from 0 to 100%.

If we push the reflection a little further, the hygrometer thermometer is a strategic key in controlling and maintaining the ideal level of humidity indoors or outdoors. In the factory, in a greenhouse or a vivarium, the climatic conditions vary and so does the level of humidity required. These high-precision measuring instruments are therefore essential for early growers, nurserymen, animal caretakers or production managers, for example. Yes, hygrometry is a job using measuring instruments worthy of the name!

How does it work ? ⚙️

The answer to this question is not as simple as it sounds; Indeed, depending on the field of application in which you will use your hygrometer thermometer , certain models such as the condensation hygrometer or the hygrometer with electronic sensor, will be more effective than others. Let's dissect together the usefulness and use of a professional hygrometer in greenhouses and vivariums. But also for domestic use in your bedrooms and living rooms.

The hygrometer thermometer in greenhouses 🌱

Are you a nurseryman or a greenhouse agent? You participate in the work of growing fruits, vegetables and/or flowers and plants under shelter. It is essential to control the interior temperature and the humidity level of your greenhouse in order to guarantee the quality of your products.

To do this, you can use a multi-measurement hygrometer with a temperature sensor function and of course thermo-recorder. Your professional thermometer should simultaneously display humidity and temperature in addition to recording values. So that you can anticipate the next shoots and harvests according to the seasons.

The hygrometer thermometer in vivariums 🐢

In terrariums, vivariums and other reptile and amphibian shelters, it is especially important to check the humidity and temperature regularly depending on the type of animal you are caring for or raising. For example, green iguanas, chameleons or frogs need to live in relatively high humidity. On the other hand, others need more moderate humidity, such as pythons, queen snakes or turtles.

Choosing an analog dial hygrometer will be more than enough for reptiles, snakes and amphibians. Plus it's easy to read and install. It does not require batteries, calibration or calibration like the digital thermometer. Plus, displays your vivarium's temperature and humidity with a simple dial and scale.

The hygrometer thermometer in houses 🏡

The hygrometer also has a domestic interest! The experts at Thermomè also recommend that, if you haven't already, invest in a weather station that measures the atmospheric pressure and therefore the humidity level.

The reason is simple, to keep the whole family healthy. Living, working or sleeping in a room with too high a humidity level can affect the health of parents and children (more so if there are cases of asthma at home). If you don't have a proper hygrometer, no big deal, you can also buy a weather station. This will tell you the indoor temperature, the outdoor temperature, and the air quality . By having this, you can regulate humidity easily and sleep well!

Other types of thermometers 🌡

Of course, the hygrometer is useful in many other trades than those we have mentioned here; factories, restaurants, agricultural crops, etc. But not only that, if our experts constantly rehash that man's best friend is the professional thermometer , it is because it ensures great reliability in the measurements that you need to take throughout your journey. activity.

Go further, you will find on the market, different types of thermometers going beyond the measurements of the thermo-hygrometer , useful in many other fields of activity. Do not hesitate to look at the different types of thermometers on the Mag' de Thermomè