My thermometer is broken

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Mon thermomètre est en panne

Your child is sick, you are a nurse or an industrial production manager, and it is imperative that you can check a temperature quickly. You turn on your thermometer and you realize that it is not working correctly... Whether you are a professional or a private individual, it is always at the least opportune moment that your household appliances, and in particular your thermometer not working. Do not panic, your thermometer is broken or just broken? How identify the failure of your measuring instrument? Can you repair your thermometer yourself ? The experts of are there to guide you in its repair.

Where does your thermometer break down? 🔍

Before completely disassembling your measuring device such as the MacGyver from temperature readings, it is essential toidentify the failure. In addition, the failures will not be the same if it is an electronic thermometer or a recording thermometer for example. The causes of thermometer failure the most common are related to the display of temperatures on devices with a digital screen or to mechanical problems.

Thermometer electronic failure

In the electronic problems that are identified on an infrared thermometer or a digital thermometer, you may be faced with two situations: 

1️⃣ Yes your measuring instrument does not display anything and you can no longer read your thermometer, your battery is probably out of service and you need to replace it. If your battery works, you will need to refer to the repair procedure specified for that model.

2️⃣ Yes your thermometer is giving you an inconsistent display (like a lo error), the failure can come from a bad parameter setting and in this case it is enough for you to modify the parameters, or of a defective probe and you can change the probe if it is possible. If everything is ok on the parameters and probe side (or if the probe of your thermometer is not replaceable), find out about the repair procedure offered by the manufacturer.

Thermometer mechanical problem

The mechanical breakdowns most often mentioned are breakage of displays, boxes or probes. For home use, you can easily repair your thermometer. On the other hand, the mechanical problems of industrial thermometers immediately become more restrictive when your measuring devices are installed in a cold room or in different places in a factory to measure the ambient temperature, for example.

If your internal resources are able torepair your thermometer professional, you are saved! Otherwise, you can use your manufacturer's repair service.

What should you do if your thermometer breaks down? 🪛

Depending on the failure that you have identified, the easiest way is of course to use the manufacturer's repair service of your thermometer as long as your device is under warranty, whether for domestic or professional use. This allows you to get a quick fix or even a equipment loan similar to help you out while waiting for your measuring instrument (if you are a home doctor or a chef, this is a temporary solution that can save you). Moreover, this you warranty protection ; if you make a mistake and that the state of the breakdown worsens, the After-Sales Services often no longer guarantee the equipment if you have tried to repair it yourself.

And your thermometer, professional or private, is no longer under warranty, several solutions are possible: refer to its user/repair manual, order the parts you think are defective and get your hands dirty to repair your device yourself. You can be supported by those around you if you know handymen, find out about online help such as video tutorials or go to self-repair workshops which you will find in many large cities.

These repair solutions rather than throwing away your thermometer will allow you to achieve significant savings and of do something for the environment ! ♻️

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Choose a reliable professional thermometer ❤️

When your thermometer is broken, several solutions are available to you. However, we recommend that you contact directly an expert advisor in the field of thermometers in order to choose a reliable and precise measuring instrument that will not let you down!