My thermometer is broken: what should I do?

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Mon thermomètre est cassé : que faire ?

You are at your place of work, you are about to to take the temperature a patient, an industrial surface or a chicken, when suddenly your electronic thermometer, that trusty temperature sensor, refuses to work. Is the LCD screen not turning on? Should the battery be changed? Is your thermometer broken? Or really broken? Is it necessary to throw it away and choose a new workmate or just have it repaired? Just as many questions that may cross your mind if your favorite measuring device is struggling to fulfill its functions... Experts in measuring the temperatures of offer you different solutions in case of breakage of your thermometer.

Your professional thermometer is broken 😱

Despite all the robustness of the thermometers used in industrial processes, by doctors or in the kitchens of our restaurants, they can sometimes fail... And if some digital thermometers even refuse to die, as the FoodCheck, they may require repairs.

Several interventions are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, others which are inherently failings of caution, may require an additional cost.

📝 Note 📝
If you notice a breakage or other apparent anomaly at the time of delivery of your product, do not hesitate to consult the Terms of Sales from your seller, as well as his Refund Policy.

Warranty repairs

In general, the after-sales services offered in the event of breakdown or breakage include the annual calibration check of the thermometer and/or the probe as well as the calibration service for 2 years. A large number of sellers also offer warranty extensions of an additional year on repairs to your measuring instruments. You can count on qualified and experienced technicians to repair your daily temperature measurement companion in a few days.

🪛 At, we know our thermometers inside out and know exactly how to repair them. Vou benefit from real support in the choice of your measuring device, whatever your business, and from after-sales service followed and adapted to your needs.

If your measuring instrument comes from from, here is steps to follow to return your faulty item to the repair service:

1️⃣ Fill out the form

Contact us via live chat or our contact form to obtain a form and register your request. Specify the “repair” reason and complete the fields with maximum precision so that we can guarantee you a complete after-sales service.

2️⃣ Receive the confirmation email

You will then receive a confirmation email with your reference number and details of where to send your broken thermometer.

3️⃣ Return your thermometer

Pack the product securely and write your reference number on the package before sending it to the specified address.

4️⃣ Wait for support/repair

Our super team of technicians will endeavor to repair your item quickly (usually within 5 days).

5️⃣ Pay the excess if needed

If you send us an out-of-warranty device, you will be contacted to confirm the quote and then billed for the cost associated with the repair.

6️⃣ Receive your device as new

Once we have repaired your professional thermometer, the delivery service will package it and post it safely.

For the exact steps to follow if your thermometer from any other manufacturer is broken, we recommend that you turn to the retailer so that they take care of it. your professional thermometer rapidly.

Out-of-warranty repairs

As we said above, it is possible tosend your damaged thermometer even out of warranty to manufacturers repair services at an additional charge.

Another possible solution is to repair your thermometer yourself (it costs nothing to try, and it's more ecological ♻️)! The causes are often the same, electronic problem such as the display which does not work or a display error, a defective probe or a mechanical problem. Refer directly to how to repair your device to switch to Bob The Builder mode or go to a recycling center, a technician may be able to help you fix it. Of course, these repairs require knowing how a thermometer works.

Your mercury thermometer is broken ☢️

You are still using a mercury thermometer to take body temperature in case of fever, and it broke. Don't panic, but be careful! Be aware that even the gram of mercury contained in this medical thermometer can be dangerous for your health.

It is necessary in the first place to ventilate the room in which the thermometer broke to evacuate the mercury vapors. Once you have disposed of the thermometer debris in the chemical waste (not the trash), it is strongly advised to wash your skin, especially if you have been in contact with mercury.

⚠️Warning⚠️ do not use cleaning products or detergents to clean spilled mercury.

Find a reliable and robust thermometer

For learn more about thermometers and choose the thermometer adapted to your activity and the vagaries of your job, do not hesitate to directly contact one of our expert advisers in professional temperature measurement. You can also check our ranking of thermometers by reliability as well as the price ranges of thermometers upstream to know our products.