The different types of thermometers

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Les différents types de thermomètres

Of the types of thermometers, there are dozens of them; cooking thermometers, infrared thermometers, mercury or its alcohol cousin, probe thermometers, hygrometer, barometer or pyrometer, non-contact, electronic or liquid crystal thermometers, etc. If they are all used to measure the temperature, these different types of thermometers do not work in the same way and each has its own utility. To help you choose your thermometer, the temperature measurement experts at come back with you on the different types of most common thermometers, whether you are professional or private.

The digital electronic thermometer 📲

In terms of performance and ease of use, we immediately think of the electronic thermometer. This measuring device is useful in various trades in food, industry or construction, to measure the temperature of a cold room or record transport data for vaccines, for example. Among the thousand and one professional digital thermometers existing ones, you will undoubtedly find the electronic thermometer made to accompany you on a daily basis (and we are hardly exaggerating! 😉):


The advisers of are here to tell you the best complete professional thermometer kits to guide you.

The mechanical thermometer ⚙️

If your job requires fast and accurate temperature measurement without necessarily having to use the power supply, you can always count on the mechanical thermometer. Particularly popular with cooks, gardeners or heating engineers, it allows you to check the outside and inside ambient temperature or even that of cooking meat or boiling water. the analog thermometer is a perfect temperature sensor for professionals as it displays a reliable temperature. You can find different models on the market:

The thermometer with mercury or without mercury 🌡

There was a time when measuring the body temperature of a patient to ensure that he did not have a fever, for example, could be dangerous, in particular in case of breakage of the thermometer ; this period is that of mercury thermometer. Indeed, this chemical can be toxic, while other liquid thermometers have since emerged. The alcohol thermometer is one of the alternatives to mercury, like its electronic cousin: the axillary thermometer, also called the underarm or ear thermometer. 

The infrared and contactless thermometer 🤖

It is ideal as a baby thermometer or in the event of a global pandemic because it is contactless and has a digital reading display, it is the… infrared thermometer ! 👏 

This introduction sounds like a teleshopping announcement, and yet the IR thermometer actually offers these features, and many more. It covers a large number of needs in the sector medical, eating or industrial (he too, because in addition to being contactless, he is electronic). Infrared thermometers are thermal radiation temperature sensors, and therefore measure the temperature precisely and from a distance thanks to the energy emitted by the body, surface, food or object being measured.

Depending on your work environment, you will have to turn either to a digital thermometer, or to a infrared thermometer. To choose your professional thermometer, or domestic if it is for personal use, we recommend that you inquire further or discuss this with a temperature expert.

The multi-measurement thermometer 🪄

Sometimes taking the temperature is not enough to determine the ideal conditions. You might need a thermometer hygrometer or a thermometer ph meter to determine the water quality of a swimming pool or the humidity level inside a greenhouse. The multi-measurement thermometers perfectly complement the temperature measurements of the various fields of activity.

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It is clear that to choose your professional thermometer, multiple characteristics must be taken into account in order to find among the different types of thermometers, your robust and reliable traveling companion. Do not hesitate to turn to the advisers of to guide you in your choice.

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