How to use a laser/infrared thermometer?

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Comment utiliser un thermomètre laser/infrarouge ?

Among professional thermometers and household thermometers, infrared laser thermometers are particularly prevalent. Indeed, very simple to use, you can find them in food factories, doctors, in cold rooms and industrial ovens, even in large laboratories, for effectively measure temperature. Often chosen for its high precision, even at very high temperatures, the laser thermometer allows you to limit the risk of error in taking body temperature or ambient temperature, whatever it may be. Experts from explains to you how to use these heat radiation measuring guns, regardless of your usage.

What is a laser thermometer?

The laser thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer, also called a pyrometer. It is an electronic thermometer that allows you to take the temperature of the body, food or surface quickly and remotely. You can hold 3 advantages with the laser thermometer : it is not in contact with the person who would potentially have a fever, with the product or the place, it allows you to take the temperature of a surface that you cannot easily reach and it only takes a few seconds to display the temperature directly on an LCD screen.

⚠️ Please note ⚠️ this is a surface temperature measurement. If you need to know the temperature of a meat, for example, it is recommended to use a thermometer with a penetration probe for more precise control.

The different uses of the laser thermometer

Take your temperature, check the temperature of an oven or check that baby has no fever, the laser thermometer is a multifunction digital thermometer. Let's go back to the uses of a laser thermometer in its many applications!

The medical laser thermometer 🩺

Taking a patient's body temperature is essential for a doctor, firefighter or hospital staff, in case of fever but also in case of hypothermia. There are two types of medical laser/infrared thermometers ; the forehead thermometer, for taking the temperature towards the forehead, and the ear thermometer to take the temperature through the ear canal. These thermometers are also very common in the home, as they are ideal as baby thermometers especially to take the temperature of the bath or simply to check that the children do not have a fever.

How to use a forehead thermometer?

To measure temperature with a forehead thermometer contactless, nothing could be simpler; start by washing your hands and remember to place the thermometer in the room where the measurement will be taken at least 15 minutes before starting. 

  1. Turn on the non-contact thermometer
  2. Point the probe towards the center of the forehead (it will also work on the temples) and this less than 5 cm from the area
  3. Press and hold the device button until you hear a “beep” sound indicating that playback is complete.

Foreheads that are sweaty or covered in cosmetics or have scar tissue can cause inaccurate readings. For an optimal and accurate measurement, it is recommended to keep the forehead area clean.

How to use an ear thermometer?

The ear thermometer is a very easy to use measuring device: 

  1. Wash your hands then start by cleaning the ear canal if it has not already been done, the measurement will be all the more precise and effective
  2. Place a suitable, sterile, disposable protective tip over the device probe to prevent infection
  3. After turning on the device, place the earmold at the level of the ear canal and press and hold the button.

The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen within 1 to 2 seconds. Undoubtedly the best choice for taking the temperature of young children, you can use it even when your baby is sleeping.

The industrial laser thermometer 🏭

The laser thermometers for industrial use are ideal for taking surface temperature measurements. They provide very precise temperatures from a distance, whether in the case of industrial ovens or cold rooms for example. To use it is - again - very simple. Allow the unit to acclimate for up to 30 minutes at room temperature to allow for optimal measurement of readings, as a thermometer transported from a warm room to a cold storage unit may show incorrect readings.

  1. Try to get as close as possible to the measured object and always make sure you are perpendicular to the measured surface
  2. Simply point the thermometer at the target and press the measurement button to display the surface temperature on the LCD screen 1-2 seconds after the beep.

The food laser thermometer 🍔

The food infrared thermometer is ideal for compliance with food hygiene and safety standards because it allows the measurement of food surface temperatures. This eliminates the need to touch and potentially contaminate the food you are measuring, also avoiding the risk of cross-contamination. These gun-shaped thermometers are compact, lightweight and always easy to use:

  1. Aim and simply press the trigger to display the temperature of the element being measured (yes, that's it).

Choose your laser/infrared thermometer

When choosing a professional thermometer, it is essential to think about the use “What measurements do I need to take with my thermometer?”. Of course you can choose your thermometer according to its characteristics to go to the most precise in your measurements.

To best choose your device for medical, food or industrial use, let yourself be guided by the advice of an expert !