Our first SIRHA show, a success thanks to you!

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Share : Notre premier salon SIRHA, une réussite grâce à vous ! recently participated in the SIRHA exhibition, a major event in the restaurant and hotel industry. By promoting our food thermometers, we were able to meet passionate professionals and strengthen our presence on the market. In this article, we will share with you the highlights of our participation focused on human encounters.

Our stand at the SIRHA show was an opportunity to meet renowned chefs, kitchen professionals and food safety experts. These authentic exchanges allowed us to better understand their specific needs and to offer them personalized advice. We were also able to listen to their feedback and suggestions, which inspired us to improve our products and services.

Food thermometers are essential to guarantee food safety and the quality of the dishes served. Our thermometers, equipped with advanced technologies, offer unparalleled precision for reliable and instantaneous measurements. Visitors to the SIRHA show were able to discover how our food thermometers contribute to maintaining high standards in food safety.

Our food thermometers are equipped with advanced features to meet the specific needs of kitchen professionals. Some models have foldable probes for convenient use, while others incorporate temperature memory functions or alarms to alert when pre-set limits are exceeded. These features improve the efficiency and ease of use of thermometers.

At, we consider our customers as partners. Our presence at SIRHA has allowed us to deepen our relationships and strengthen our commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and durable food thermometers, backed by attentive customer service. Our team was on hand to answer questions, offer advice and provide after-sales follow-up.

Our participation in the SIRHA show was crowned with success thanks to the human encounters we were able to make. By highlighting our food thermometers, we were able to understand the specific needs of kitchen professionals and strengthen our position in the market. We are committed to continuing to provide reliable, quality products to help our partners succeed.

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